Santa Monica Group Sends Pollution Warning Letter to Jet Company

More information about jet pollution and the impact on children from the Santa Monica Airport Future group (their letter is featured below)…

FPK is an environmental health advocacy group that has been studying the long term health impacts of aircraft operations, including operations at SMO. They are finding concrete evidence of toxins from the aircraft operations showing up in the air, the soil, and the bodies of people in the community. Testing has been done on hair, urine, DNA, soil, and air. The dangerous toxic metals and other substances are being found that have a unique “signature” traceable to the aircraft operations.  FPK reached out to Atlantic Aviation earlier this week to discuss this important issue negatively impacting the long term health and environment of the local community.


Jet Exhaust Found to be Dangerous, Particularly for Children

There are 10 elementary, middle and high schools in the Hawthorne Airport landing and takeoff zones that are being hit with ultrafine particulate pollution from jets,

An LA Times article from 2014 highlights a university research project into LAX pollution. The researchers found landings and takeoffs create ultrafine particulates that land on homes and school below the flight path.

As Hawthorne airport jet traffic expands neighborhoods, schools and children will be also be subject to more ultrafine particulate pollution. There are 10 schools in the landing and take off zones for Hawthorne Airport.

The findings raise health concerns, researchers say, because the minute particles, which result from the condensation of hot exhaust vapor from cars, diesel trucks and aircraft, have the potential to aggravate heart and lung conditions, including asthma and the development of blocked arteries.

Less than one-thousandth the width of a human hair, they can go deep in the lungs, make their way into the bloodstream and spread to the brain, heart and other critical organs. While emissions of slightly larger exhaust particles are regulated, ultrafines are not.

“This is a very novel and alarming set of results,” said Ralph Delfino, a professor of epidemiology at UC Irvine who studies the health effects of air pollution and reviewed the study. “It’s all very, very surprising.”

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Surf Air Begins Helicopter Service from Orange County to Hawthorne Airport

Just what we didn’t need more helicopter noise on the way. According to the Robb Report…

Surf Air has made its service more appealing to residents of California’s Orange County. The all-you-can-fly membership airline recently added a helicopter shuttle between John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana and Hawthorne Airport near Los Angeles, where you can catch Surf Air flights to destinations throughout California.

The helicopter ride, provided by the aircraft charter service Blade, takes about 10 minutes, flying over the 35 miles of traffic on the 405. Passengers can arrive 15 minutes before the helicopter takes off. The price is $199 per person each way. The flights, which can carry six passengers, run Monday and Thursday mornings and evenings and Friday evenings.

Surf Air, which operates as many as 90 flights a day to a total of 11 California destinations and Las Vegas, was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Santa Monica. Last year, it began operating in Europe, and it expanded into Texas by acquiring Rise, a similar all-you-can-fly membership airline.


Hawthorne Quiet Skies Coalition Hosts Successful Community Meeting – Feb 2018

Four neighborhood associations have joined together to work on Hawthorne Airport noise and safety issues. We held our first open community meeting in February 2018. Approximately 50 community members attended and shared their concerns.

Feb 2018 HHR Coalition Meeting agenda

Issues presented at the meeting included:

  • Current flight paths are a serious issue/pilots are not following fly quietly guidelines (pdf)
  • No one is willing to work with neighborhood associations on noise abatement. There is an endless circle of blame and excuses from government representatives: the FAA is responsible; the Pilots are responsible; the Airport is responsible; and so on endlessly.
  • Lots of community questions – no answers yet from the airport.

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Hawthorne Airport Fly Quietly Guidelines

Hawthorne Pilot Guide and Noise Abatement Procedures 2017 (pdf)

Source: City of Hawthorne

City staff has told us no one uses the guide, the only guidelines they follow is on departure they need to turn south away from LAX traffic.

One of the Chief Pilot’s said the guide is not used because it is unclear – pilots do not understand the street names that are referenced in the guidelines.

The FAA approved, City of Hawthorne Part 150 noise report promises this is the guide pilots will follow voluntarily.

Each of the our neighborhood coalition members report none of the planes follow the guidelines.

Wiseburn Watch Releases Petition Results – Jan 2018

We the people of Los Angeles County unincorporated community of Wiseburn CA 90250 want the Hawthorne Airport to end the practice of commercial and private aircraft flying over our city. This has increased dramatically the last year and a half. This is the area bordered by El Segundo Blvd to the North, Inglewood Ave to the East, Rosecrans Ave to the South and La Cienega Blvd to the west. There is a flight plan in place that diverts some takeoffs to turn south at Hawthorne Blvd and head south. This would be ideal to apply to all flights both VFR and IFR registered flights. We request that the FAA and the Hawthorne Airport select that departure policy as the standard. The increased noise and pollution are unhealthy. An example of this is the 6AM take off by jets. It’s not right to force disproportionate environmental impacts on our community to relieve another.
Again we request the flights over Wiseburn be redirected south paralleling Hawthorne Blvd to the south.

Sign the Wiseburn Airport Noise Petition Here >>

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West Athens Community Letter to Congresswoman Waters

Here’s a letter the West Athens, Hollypark and Parkside Village communities sent to our representative Congresswoman Waters. She responded by participating in a community meeting in February 2018 and continues to help community members with airport issues.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Honorable Congresswoman Maxine Waters
US House of Representatives
2221 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Michael P. Huerta
FAA Administrator
800 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20591

Via US Mail

Re: Hawthorne-West Athens Part 150 Participation

Dear Congresswoman Waters and Administrator Huerta,

We are located in the flight path of the Hawthorne airport. Our community is concerned about safety, noise and pollution issues caused by the increasing commercial air traffic into Hawthorne (HHR).

We have tried for over a year to engage with the airport; however, the airport says they are unable to schedule a meeting with our community at this time.  The airport is finishing their Part 150 noise study but never included the West Athens community as part of the process. Community members have sent Part 150 comment letters to the local FAA office which have gone unanswered.

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Who Owns and Operates Hawthorne Airport?

It gets complicated, but it all seems designed to ignore those of us in local communities…

  1. City of Hawthorne owns the airport and the City Council gets to make overall strategic decisions about what will happen to the airport. They approve the Master Plan.
  2. FAA operates the runway and the control tower. It contracts out control tower operations to Serco. Since it is giving grants to the City for the airport it likely feels it has say over the runway, similar to the Santa Monica Airport case.
  3. Hawthorne Airport LLC runs the off-runway portions of the airport. They have leased the airport property from the City for 45 years. They are building several new hangars for the large turbo props and private jets. It is a strategic partnership of:
    1. Kearny Real Estate Company
    2. Wedgewood
    3. Howard CDM
  4. City of Hawthorne airport staff includes:
    1. Guido Fernandez, Administrative Analyst, (310) 349-1636, 
    2. ARNOLD SHADBEHR, Interim City Manager, (310) 349-2908,

One of the main outstanding questions remains:

Who controls the flight paths over our homes?

The Airport says it’s the FAA and the pilots.

The Pilots say it’s the FAA and the airport.

The FAA says it’s the Pilots and Airport.

Hmmm – a game of no one wants to take responsibility perhaps?