We Asked Hawthorne Airport Neighbors: What’s Your Greatest Safety or Noise Concern?

Here are some of the responses (we keep answers anonymous to protect neighbors privacy)…

  1. Surf Air planes are too loud and fly land too low to the ground upon approach to the airport over the Parkside Village community.
  2. Airplanes flying over my house
  3. Jets flying and helicopters over my home at all hours of the day and night and the noise that it makes, they changed the flight path, and how is the airport going to sound proof my home if there are not any changes made ASAP?
  4. 1) Planes are flying low and north of 120th directly over residential area. 2) Planes flying late at night.
  5. Noise
  6. Noise early in the morning and flying too low over the Raymond power lines.
  7. Low flying planes and noise, property value and times planes are permitted to land.
  8. Low flying, flight path over Wiseburn, all hours flights
  9. I am concerned about the airplanes flying directly over our house which is located north of Hollypark. These constant flights are polluting the area with exhaust fumes that are harmful to our health and the frequently blaring close encountered noise is very frightening. I have logged flights coming in occasionally after 10:00 pm and the sounds from the planes are very terrifying; sounding as if the plane is coming directly into your home. On 1/18/18 a plane flew directly over the house at 10:51 PM and the sound was horrendous. We have lived here for 2 years as of April 2018 and were told by the selling agent we would not be directly affected by the planes because the Hawthorne airport is not a busy airport and the planes are coming in over the park. Well, the majority of the times the planes fly directly over our home. I’ve stated several times that I am going to the city to file a complaint but I am happy to see that neighbors and citizens are coming together to address this concerning issue.
  10. Altitude concerns
  11. Noise, low flyers, helicoptors hovering too long overhead.
  12. Noise pollution, flying to low.
  13. Airplanes
  14. noise, safety (small plane crashes have been in the news frequently over the last couple of months) and pollution
  15. I would like to share my concerns about the noise level and privacy. Currently the noise level is loud upon the planes approaching the landing strip and a constance humming. When trying to enjoy time on the outside in the backyard there is no privacy as the planes fly over. Thank you in advance for your consideration into this matter.
  16. Low/Noise flying planes right over my house. I am in the flight path to Hawthorne Airport
  17. Concerned about how low the planes are flying
  18. Night time curfew of flying, flight path permanent as to not go over homes when landing and taking off, debris and jet fuel landing on cars, more traffic in the area were more accidents can occur ( pedestrians safety with crossing and aesthetic of neighborhood near Hawthorne Airport, do not want to decrease values of homes.
  19. planes flying over my home, shaking, noise, window rattling
  20. planes flyinig over my home dayand night, lot of noise, window rattling, loud noise from planes
  21. planes flying over my home, loud noise, rattling, shaking, keep us awake, sounds like plane is landing on top of my home.
  22. noise, possible crashes, air pollution
  23. I am concerned about safety as planes depart the airport as well as the exponential increase in air traffic over my home. The jets are very loud. I can hear the planes through closed doors and windows in my home.
  24. altitude, noise, hours
  25. Level of acceptable noise by aircraft and motorcycles. What noise is considered safe. Private pilots do not follow routes out of HHR
  26. Excessive noise from airplanes flying directly over my home – concerned about airplane carcinogenic pollution impacting my health and the lack of my peaceful enjoyment with airplanes flying over my home after 10 PM. On 3/22/18 a plane flew over my house into the Hawthorne Airport at 10:51 PM and on 3/23/18 at 11:28 PM.

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