City of LA Harbor Gateway Council Sends Hawthorne City Council Request for Help with Aircraft Noise

From the Harbor Gateway North’s letter to the Hawthorne City Council

On September 11, 2018, our Board voted 9-0-0 to go on record with this letter regarding the increased aircraft noise that many of our stakeholders who live below the flight path of the Hawthorne Municipal Airport (HHR) are experiencing. Because all Districts of the Harbor Gateway North community are located in the flight path, we are concerned about the safety, noise, and pollution issues caused by the increasing commercial and private air traffic into your airport which is resulting from changes in the permitted flight path and larger size of aircraft using the airport. We have also received complaints about interference with residents’ television signal reception and other electronics in their homes when the aircraft fly over.

Pamela Thornton
Chairperson, harbor Gateway North Neighborhood Council

cc: Congressmember Maxine Waters – Congressional District 43
Councilmember Joe Buscaino – Council District 15
Alison Becker, Senior Advisor – Council District 15
Nathan Holmes, Planning Deputy – Council District 15
John Jones III, Field Deputy – Council District 15
Arely Garcia, Constituent Services – Council District 15

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