How Does an Airport Noise Advisory Committee Work?

San Diego Airport’s new Community Advisory Committee offers one model…

From the La Jolla Light newspaper:

The Airport Noise Authority initiated the Flight Procedures Study in January 2018, published a call for applications to serve on the Citizen Advisory (CAC) and Technical Advisory (TAC) Committees, appointed those committees and retained a private air noise consulting firm to make recommendations to the SDCRAA and ultimately to the FAA.

  • 3 -La Jolla’ representatives on the 15-person CAC,
  • representatives from Ocean Beach, Point Loma , Mission Beach and Lemon Grove.
  • one FAA Air Traffic Control District Manager
  • operations manager from the airport
  • members of the Airport Authority
  • representatives of Sky West, Alaska and Southwest Airlines
  • a representative from private aviation
  • long range planners for the City of San Diego
  • an Airport Noise Authority Commission (ANAC) member
  • two retired USAF pilots who also sit on the CAC

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